How Bobcat Equipment Works Where Other Machines Can’t

Bobcat equipment on a mound of dirt

Bobcats have become a favorite for moving items around a site, transporting them using their bucket, and loading them onto trucks and trailers. The loaders’ maneuverability is one of its most valuable attributes. Their modest size makes them useful on any construction site, especially ones with limited space. Unlike equipment like excavators or dumpers, which need a lot of space to operate in, these ones can do 360-degree pivots, making them very useful for getting around obstacles.

When it comes to skid-steer and posi-track loaders, construction equipment bobcats are unrivaled. After all, Bobcat’s mission is to provide customers with small equipment that is also quick, durable, and adaptive. Thanks to their innovative design, Bobcat’s loaders have an industry-leading degree of comfort and uptime. Purchasing one of these loaders has many advantages beyond their remarkable portability, nimbleness, and adaptability.

Bobcat Background

For those unfamiliar with the industrial equipment & supplies Florida market, a Bobcat is just a loader, specifically of the skid-steer or posi-track kind. Bobcat has been producing small to large loaders for a long time, earning a solid reputation in the industry. This is why these loaders are often referred to as “Bobcats.” The brand name “Bobcat” has become as ubiquitous in the loader industry as “Kleenex” is for tissue. Among the Bobcat’s most notable features are the following.

Superior Axles and Drive Motor Protection

The increased axle strength and size of Bobcat skid-steer loaders allow them to operate in the most challenging environments. The durability of the vehicle is enhanced with heat-treated axles and protected seals.

Drive motors and hydraulic lines are rigidly installed inside the track system of small track loaders. The Bobcat’s hoses are protected from snagging, vibrations, and friction during operation. Additionally, the drive motor hoses of a Bobcat are purposefully concealed, so they are not exposed to debris such as mud and sticks thrown up during operation. Better protection of these hoses increases machine uptime by reducing the likelihood of a breakdown.

Improved Lift Arm Design

The Bobcat loader features an innovative and patented lift-arm construction which is very durable. The lift arms maintain the same plane for each pin at each pivot point. Additionally, the pins are reinforced on both sides as opposed to only one side in other machines (cantilever design). As a result, the lift arms of the Bobcat loader have less lateral deflection (side-to-side lift arm movement) and less strain on the pins themselves. To eliminate possible snagging spots, hoses are routed via the compact loader’s arms and frame uprights.

Bobcat is the best in the business when it comes to serviceability and mobility, which results in improved safety, lower costs, and smoother operation. Its small size allows it to fit into tighter spaces compared to larger machines, and as such, you will minimize property damage when using the Bobcat for any construction equipment and heavy machinery in Florida.

After reading about all the wonderful features the Bobcat has to offer, you’re probably eager to get your hands on one of the construction equipment bobcat machines. We, as Pro Quip, have been operational for nearly three decades, providing construction equipment and heavy machinery Florida services to anyone in need, and we guarantee you’ll get exceptional service with the Bobcat. Contact Pro Quip today for all your industrial equipment & supplies Florida needs, and we’ll get you building in no time.

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