Tips for Winterizing Your Equipment

Equipment in winter

Your industrial equipment & supplies in Florida may seem like they can handle everything, but they will not operate well if you do not prepare them for winter. Here are ways to ensure that your equipment is ready for the cold temperatures.

Protect the Batteries

Batteries are vulnerable components of the construction heavy machinery. The cold temperatures during winter can affect these batteries’ starting capacity. Consequently, the engine experiences more pressure during start-up.

You can protect the batteries by insulating them. Alternatively, an experienced industrial equipment vendor in Florida can help you install battery warmers. You can also remove the batteries and keep them in a warm or climate-controlled space overnight.

Keeping these batteries above 32°F will ensure that the equipment operators do not get stranded once construction projects resume. Additionally, inspect them for traces of rust or dirt. Batteries do not last forever, but preserving them will extend their lifespan.

Inspect the Engine

Another effective way to winterize your industrial equipment in South Florida is to hire a professional to inspect the engine. Pro Quip experts will check the placement and functionality of the fan belts and V-pulley belts. They will also inform you whether these components have any issue that needs repair.

They will also advise you to run it for several minutes before running the machinery. This will allow the engine to warm up and reach the level it would be during summer or spring. The rotations during this warm-up phase also support the performance of the intake and exhaust valves.

Change the Engine Oil

Basic equipment maintenance also involves seasonal oil changes. Different oil engines perform differently under different conditions. For example, high-viscosity oils function well in warm weather but poorly during the cold season.

For this reason, consider replacing them with synthetic base multi-grade oil suited for winter. These oils flow smoothly and take a shorter time to warm when you start the engine. Replacing the air and oil filters also supports the engine’s health and ensures that it functions properly regardless of the temperatures outside.

Inspect and Change Antifreeze

Another effective way to winterize your industrial equipment & supplies in Florida is to inspect the antifreeze before winter. Also called the coolant, this fluid cools the engine during operation and prevents it from freezing.

The industrial equipment vendor in Florida will advise you on the right water-to-antifreeze ratio to use. They can also use a hydrometer to test whether the cooling system reservoir has the proper ratio. If the coolant has bubbles or impurities, the Pro Quip expert will replace it with the best grade for your equipment and area.

Clean Equipment to Prevent Rust

Cold temperatures during winter increase the risk of a dump trailer and other equipment developing rust. The risk is higher when this water mixes with dirt, debris, or other deicing chemicals. The easiest and most effective way to prevent this issue is to clean and grease your heavy machinery at least weekly.

Construction heavy machinery is a considerable investment, and preparing it for the cold season will prevent potential damage and repair costs. Contact Pro Quip to purchase high-quality heavy equipment at a wholesale price.

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