Types of Maintenance and Servicing Your Heavy Machinery Needs

Heavy machine maintenance

The right machinery must be available and in working order to ensure that all construction projects run smoothly. When the right equipment is not available, projects cannot be completed efficiently. This results in a potential loss of revenue. When construction equipment is not functioning properly, the operator can become seriously injured or suffer a loss of life, and others involved in the project can also be at risk. Additionally, property damage can occur, leading to possible litigation. To ensure that your construction projects are always successful and there are no mishaps that result in injury, death, or litigation, it is crucial to collaborate with an experienced company that supplies all your construction heavy machinery needs, including procurement and maintenance.

Types of Construction Heavy Machinery Maintenance a Company Must Provide

There are two types of construction machinery maintenance a company must provide: preventative maintenance and routine. Both forms of maintenance are vital to ensure the longevity of your construction equipment. With routine maintenance, machines are serviced on a set schedule, and this maintenance is performed on an ongoing basis. While machine operators can perform routine maintenance, technicians are sometimes needed. Routine maintenance can include oil changes, safety inspections, filter changes, machine lubrication, pressure tests, inspecting parking brakes, examining tires, checking transmission fluid, and replacing deteriorating parts.

Preventative maintenance is much more involved than routine maintenance, and it always involves a service technician. Service technicians will thoroughly inspect machinery and repair any problems they find to prevent the machines from failing completely. Similar to routine maintenance, preventative maintenance can be done on a scheduled basis. When searching for companies that offer industrial equipment in South Florida, ask if they have technicians that also specialize in preventative maintenance.

Maintenance Saves Significant Money

Any industrial equipment vendor in Florida or nationwide can tell you that routine and preventative maintenance inspections save significant money. Regularly maintaining machinery can provide savings of up to 25%. When minor problems are spotted and fixed before they become catastrophes, this offers even more impactful savings. When this happens, you won’t need to spend money on unexpected repairs.

Searching for a Company to Service Your Heavy Machinery Needs

Not all companies offering industrial equipment & supplies in Florida are equal. If you are searching for a company that provides industrial equipment in South Florida, you must make sure they can meet all your needs. In addition to maintenance, verify that the company can provide financing options, top-notch customer service, a sizable inventory, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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