What Are the Main Types of Skid Steer Attachments?

Skid steer with attachement

Skid steers are typically used in industrial settings for lifting, pushing, pulling, and digging. These machines come with various attachments that you can use to accomplish any job within their scope. Here are the primary attachments that this construction heavy machinery must have.

Utility Bucket

The utility bucket is one of the most versatile attachments available for skid steers. This tool is typically a dump bucket with tools attached to the outside. It is used for digging, raking, plowing, and other tasks. You can choose from various utility buckets from the best suppliers of industrial equipment in South Florida.


Augers can dig or move large amounts of material in a short period. An auger will dig straight down at a constant speed when used in soil. Augers are best suited for digging holes for posts, poles, and fence lines. Augers can also move massive materials from one place to another.


A trencher is a bucket with teeth on the front that spin and cut through the ground. These industrial equipment parts are used in earth materials like forest removal. But they can also eliminate grass or rocks in lots.


Rakes help to smooth a large amount of material quickly. For example, if you need to dig up a large pile of dirt, a rake will help smooth and turn it into a smaller pile.


A grinder attachment is commonly used to smooth ground surfaces for roads and driveways. They are also used to cut large amounts of material like trees and rocks. Grinders come in different sizes, with some grinder models currently claimed to be able to grind through stone up to 10 inches.


A fork is designed to lift and move materials like pallets and logs. If you need to move large materials, the fork attachment will help you quickly lift and move them from one place to another.


Brooms extend the uses of your skid steer further. They are designed to sweep dirt or debris from large areas like the driveway or curb. These industrial equipment parts can also remove moss, stones, and clay from sidewalks, pavers, and driveways.


Grapples are also among the versatile attachments. They are commonly used for picking rocks in the field. But they can also pull roots during land clearing.


Sweeper attachments are designed for sweeping, cleaning, and removing dirt and debris from the ground. They also come with an optional gutter brush for optimal effectiveness.


As the name suggests, spreaders disperse granular materials, including seed, fertilizer, sand, and salt. They are commonly used during winter for spreading salt to help remove snow.


A planer is another main construction heavy machinery attachment allowing you to cut large amounts of material into smaller pieces. But they can also flatten surfaces.

Using the appropriate skid steer attachment for your needs will make your job much easier. If you want to inquire more about skid steer attachments, contact Pro Quip for help. We also offer the best industrial equipment in South Florida. Count on us.

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