5 Ways Revamping Can Help You Save Money on Heavy Machinery

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Heavy machinery comes in handy in completing mega projects that may be difficult to work on using hand-held tools. These machines may reduce their efficiency with time, making it challenging to conduct their work.

Revamping these machines can help restore their maximum productivity and save you money. Discover how revamping heavy machinery can help lower costs.

1. Reduced Downtime

Breakdowns reduce the time when the machine is actively working. As a result, you may end up missing deadlines and losing revenue. In the manufacturing industry, you may lose up to $22,000 per minute due to breakdowns.

It is also expensive to repair faulty machinery. Revamping helps to keep construction equipment and heavy machinery in Florida in good working condition and reduces the frequency of breakdowns.

2. Revamping Is Good for Warranties

The manufacturer will issue you a warranty when you buy new industrial equipment and supplies in Florida. The warranty may outline that the manufacturer is ready to take care of repair costs or replace your machinery should it run into problems within a certain period.

However, the warranty clearly states that you should take care of the equipment to qualify for the warranty benefits. One way to take care of your equipment is to follow the recommended maintenance schedule. Also, always ensure a licensed technician is handling your equipment revamps to avoid voiding the warranty.

New machinery may not be cheap. Revamping your machinery will save you on the costs of replacing your unit should it run into multiple problems within the warranty period.

3. Increased Machinery Lifespan

Your machinery may not serve you forever. At some point, you may need to replace it. However, you can extend your machinery’s life by taking good care of it. One way to take good care of your unit is by scheduling regular maintenance.

You will achieve a higher return on investment if your machine serves you for an extended period. Also, revamping your construction heavy machinery reduces the rate at which it depreciates. Therefore, when you are ready to buy a new machine, you can sell the one you are using at a significant price.

4. Reduced Insurance Costs

Neglecting regular maintenance may prompt your insurance company to refuse to cover the repair costs if your unit breaks down. Also, failing to revamp your construction heavy machinery may endanger your workers’ safety.

If injuries arise from machine failure due to poor maintenance, your workers may have compensation claims, which the insurance company may refuse to cover. Revamping your construction machinery helps to avoid these unexpected expenses.

5. Revamping Helps to Identify Problems Early

Some machinery issues develop gradually before crippling the entire system. If you notice these problems as soon as they start, you can quickly fix them before they persist. Fixing them early enough helps to avoid expensive repairs and reduce machine downtime.


Revamping helps to keep your construction equipment and heavy machinery in Florida working optimally, hence saving you money. Contact Pro Quip for industrial equipment and supplies in Florida and revamping services.

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